Who are the eKIDnas?

A better question might be, what is an eKIDna? No, not echidna, eKIDna! Well, unlike an echidna, an eKIDna is a published children’s author or illustrator. Just like echidnas, eKIDnas are native to Australia. More specifically, the eKIDnas are a support group for published South Australian children’s writers and illustrators. So there you have it!

Current eKIDna members are:

Alan Tucker, Allayne Webster, Amanda Graham, Annette Wickes, Ben Chandler, Carol Chataway, Carol Faulkner, Chris Tugwell, Claire Richards, Dan McGuiness, Danielle Clode, Dave Follett, D M Cornish, Don Henderson, Eleanor Ahern, Eleanor Nilsson, Elizabeth Hutchins, Jane Jolly, Jane Turner-Goldsmith, Janeen Brian, Jenny Baber, Jeri Kroll, Julie Ireland, Katrina Germein, Lauren Fuge, Louise Pike, Margie Hann-Syme, Malcolm Walker, Marianne Musgrove, Meredith Harvey, Mike Dumbleton, Pete Groves, Peter McFarlane, Rebecca Burton, Robert Moore, Robyn Opie, Rosanne Hawke, Ruth Starke, Sally Heinrich, Sean Williams, Sonya Spreen Bates, Vikki Wakefield, Zena Vecchio


1 Response to Who are the eKIDnas?

  1. Hello, lovely EKIDnas (I do know some of you)
    Welcome to the WordPress world of blogging. 🙂 I shall add your link to my writing blog too. 🙂

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